Sizing, Comfort and Care Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Kemer belts. The following information will help you ensure the comfort, satisfaction and fit from your belt.

Adjusting Your Belt
Each belt strap is sewn on the female end of the buckle and looped on the male buckle. Size the belt by adjusting the strap at the side of the male buckle by pushing the strap up into a loop, then adjusting closer to or further from the end of the strap as needed.

Reversing Your Belt
At the male buckle side of the belt, push the excess strap up into a loop, then work the the strap all the way out through both slots and away from the buckle. Turn the strap over to the side you want on the outside, and re-thread the strap through the outer buckle slot first, followed by the inner slot. Finally, adjust the strap length to the desired fit.

Threading the Belt Loops
Due to the dual-piece buckle design, the male or female side of the buckle must pass through your pant belt loops. We recommend threading the female side through your loops.

The buckle height is 1.625", which may not fit slacks or pants, jeans, shorts and khakis with smaller belt loops. We've found that many pant and trouser loop sizes are not a problem, but please be sure to check your loops for this minimum size requirement to ensure a good fit before completing your order.

Care Instructions
Your belt is woven of 89% polyester and 11% elastic. Machine wash cold (only when needed). Air dry on a flat surface. Do not machine dry or hot iron. Do not bleach.